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Summer Camps

Children's Summer Camps for Spanish Learning & Seasonal Fun

Learning Spanish unlocks a world of opportunities for kids! During Diglos Spanish Summer Camps, your student will engage in Spanish language learning that is interactive and culturally immersive. No previous Spanish language exposure is required. Learning Spanish early builds self-confidence and neurological pathways for other types of learning to flourish. The Diglos team hopes to inspire children in grades K-4 to learn Spanish as a skill they can use throughout their lives!

Diglos Summer Camps are exclusive to our local community partners in Northeast Ohio. Each summer camp session is three weeks long and takes place at different locations in the Cleveland area. Each community district will be invited to camp for their assigned week of the month. The Diglos Summer Camp team will focus on cultural, geography, and STEM themes. 

Explore Spanish Summer Camp Schedules offered by Diglos below!

Image by Amit Gaur
Included in Diglos Summer Camp:

  • Immersive Summer Camp where instruction will be primarily in Spanish with a native Spanish-speaking teacher 

  • Summer camp supplies for arts and crafts projects

  • Handouts of vocabulary and key phrases for camp each week 

  • Outside-of-camp projects to continue learning at home!

Needed for Diglos Summer Camp:

  • Registration for your school's Summer Camp weeks 

  • Packed lunch each day 

  • Art smock or old t-shirt for art week (June Camps) 

  • Drop off 8:30-9:00 AM

  • Pick-up 1:30-2:00 PM 

In the Classroom

Diglos Summer Camp 2023 Schedule

No available programs

Please contact Diglos by phone or email for one-week only summer camp rates!

If your student needs help with Spanish,
Diglos Private Lessons for students can help!
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