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Diglos Story & Mission

We believe in the power of Spanish Language Education

The ability to speak, read and understand the Spanish language can improve one's life in more ways than one. The Diglos Learning team is passionate and committed to creating innovative and dynamic Spanish Language curriculums. It is our mission to promote bilingualism and biliteracy for adults and children. We believe that those who learn Spanish will become culturally competent when in school, working, traveling and experiencing life. Diglos aims to prepare our students for Spanish communication success in today's diverse society. By believing in and following our mission, we have shaped our educational company and its services to fit the learning needs of adults and children. 

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How Diglos is Fulfilling Our Mission

  • Administer excellent learning opportunities for students to learn Spanish and successfully reach their language goals

  • Administer an additional opportunity for students to earn a biliteracy certificate from Language Testing International*

  • Provide well-educated, Spanish-speaking native teachers to students through strong application process, training and teacher professional development opportunities

  • Produce quality educational sessions, materials and resources that enhance student learning

  • Provide quality Spanish Language school consulting services to educational organizations 

  • Host creative and interactive educational summer camps for our local community 

  • Create more interest in language learning in the general population 

It's our goal to make learning Spanish possible by meeting the educational needs of adults and children in today's society.
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The Story of Diglos

Among educators, there is an unmatched passion for learning. When teachers have the ability to witness their students excel through learning, that feeling re-ignites the passion in teachers' souls. The founders of Diglos experienced these rewarding feelings of seeing students' success throughout their careers of teaching foreign languages to students of all ages. As they watched their students realize and embrace the many benefits of biliteracy, the concept for Diglos came to life. 


Diglos is an educational company started by teachers, Miguel and Lisa, who are committed to promoting Spanish bilingualism and biliteracy. Diglos is ever-evolving to meet the needs of students and schools when it comes to language learning. We identify Spanish Language teaching needs, for adults and children, and create dynamic, researched-based curriculum plans. We have shaped our educational services to be accessible, flexible, and available to as many adults and children as possible. 

The educational needs of today's adult and children students are different than ever before. Classes need to be interactive and immersive while providing flexibility and accessibility to all. We offer a high level of quality and accountability, while also recognizing students are pursuing Spanish language education for their own unique reasons. It's our goal to meet these needs and provide a fun, engaging way to learn Spanish!


Diglos has in-person and online Spanish classes for all experience levels. In addition, we offer community events, private lessons, and children's summer camp programs with the needs of our students in mind. Explore our classes and educational services to learn more about how Diglos can help with your Spanish Language Learning needs. Consider joining our free conversational club on Facebook to join our free monthly conversations and practice your Spanish in a casual setting online! 


To follow our journey, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We hope to ignite your passion for communication by sharing our love of the Spanish Language with you. 

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