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All Diglos Spanish Classes

Diglos Spanish Classes & Schedules

It is our mission to help all ages learn the Spanish language. The Spanish classes offered by Diglos are taught by native Spanish speakers and include dynamic, practical lessons both online and in person. Diglos focuses on creating an educational experience that is engaging and interactive to help students feel confident in speaking, writing and listening to Spanish. Diglos Spanish classes were designed for both casual and professional learners. Diglos offers private lessons for students who need one or multiple one-on-one learning sessions. Diglosoffers in-person community events and children's summer camps for our local students. It is our goal to provide a variety of Spanish Language learning opportunities to encourage our students to practice and utilize their Spanish language skills!

To get started, we'll determine your own learning goals as a casual or professional Spanish learner. Start with the first class on the learning path! Or, you can take the Diglos Spanish Placement Exam to determine which class is right for you. The exam is best for those who would place ahead in class. Of course, if you need any help, the Diglos Learning team is here for you!

Explore all Spanish Classes offered by Diglos below!

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Included in Diglos Spanish Classes:
  • Scheduled classes to converse with other students

  • 8 week of online weekly or biweekly classes

  • Instruction & feedback from a Spanish-speaking native 

  • Limited class size for more personalized instruction

  • Access to class recordings

  • Access to additional resources & homework to help you continue learning outside of class

  • Access to our monthly conversational club 

All Classes
Explore Classes by Diglos Spanish Learning Paths

Casual Spanish Learner

A Casual Spanish Learner is interested in learning Spanish to develop basic communication skills. This includes anyone who wants to learn Spanish for traveling, communicating with friends or family, or developing basic language knowledge. Casual Spanish learning classes cover the basics of human interactions, cuisine, culture, objects, and more. 

Professional Spanish Learner

A Professional Spanish Learner is interested in learning Spanish to become bi-lingual or bi-literate in Spanish. A Professional Spanish Learner includes anyone interested in achieving their biliteracy certification. Professional Spanish Learning Classes go in-depth into the spoken and written language to prepare students for the biliteracy certification.

Don't wait until the next class session to practice your Spanish!

Diglos hosts local community events to practice the Spanish Language in real world scenarios. These events are open to anyone interested in hearing and practicing Spanish!
Placement Exam 

Wondering which level class is right for you? Take the Diglos Placement Exam and we will help you determine where to start!

Questions about Diglos Learning Spanish Classes
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