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Private Lessons

Discover the Spanish Language through One-on-One Sessions

Diglos makes it easy to learn Spanish online and learn based on your unique goals. Private lessons can aid adult students with their Spanish learning outside of a small group, offer more time with a Native Spanish speaker, or help make up for missed classes. Private lessons are also a great way to empower middle school and high-school students to  deepen their Spanish language practice.

How Private Lessons Work

Image by Helena Lopes

Our one-on-one Spanish lessons are shaped to fit our students' needs. With Diglos, we start with a conversation to learn your educational needs. The Diglos team will develop a Spanish learning plan for you and review it with you.


For your first private lesson, we will pair you with a Spanish-speaking native. We will work closely with you via Zoom to determine what you are looking for and how to best develop your Spanish language skills during scheduled lessons. 

To get started, please schedule a quick call with Diglos to determine your Private Lesson needs!

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