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Frequently Asked Questions


Explore the Details to Diglos Spanish Classes and Consulting

It is our mission to bring unique Spanish Language learning opportunities to our students in an innovative way. Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more about Diglos Spanish classes, events, summer camps, private lessons and school consulting. 

  • How many classes are in a course?
    Both the casual learners and professional learners courses, offer 8-week class schedules. The casual learners classes are once per week. The professional learners classes are twice per week. Each session in the class schedule is 90 minutes. To earn a casual learning Spanish Language certificate, 6 courses of 8-week classes must be completed. To earn a professional learning Spanish Language biliteracy certificate, 12 courses of twice weekly 8-week classes must be completed. Each certificate will, also, require the passing score of a certificate exam with the ACTFL.
  • How often are course classes?
    Courses are offered on a rotating schedule. We always attempt to provide as many classes as possible. If the course you need is not available, please reach out!
  • What’s included in courses?
    Weekly classes Homework assigned Homework answer key emailed Teacher feedback on progress Free conversation groups
  • What’s NOT included in courses?
    Learning textbooks Private instructor one-on-one time (private lessons must be scheduled) ACTFL test for certification Learning textbooks can be purchased here: ACTFL (The American Council of Teaching Foreign Language) exams can be scheduled directly through Diglos after a student has successfully completed all courses within the learning path. ACTFL tests have individual registration costs as well.
  • What are my payment options for class courses?
    Payment is due at time of registration. Call if you would like to make other payment arrangements (payments in 2 or 3 installments).
  • Can we reschedule or make-up any course class? What if a class is missed?
    Class attendance and participation is key to success. All assignments and chapters covered will be posted for the class to review on their own. If a student is unable to make it to class due to extreme circumstances (funeral, illness, etc.) it is considered excused. With advanced notice a teacher may be able to record the class (not guaranteed) . A tutoring session may be booked (at the expense of the student) if the student feels they need assistance with the material missed.
  • How should I prepare for my first class?
    Come with an open mind and be ready to learn. Be sure your computer and devices are charged. Have headphones with a microphone and be willing to speak. It's ok if you make mistakes; it is all part of learning! Students should have purchased the textbook and have something to take notes with. (See email for the course you enrolled in) Set yourself up in a quiet location where you can focus, free from distractions and be fully engaged in the class.
  • Will there be homework?
    Yes! Homework helps you practice what is learned during class time. Homework will be reviewed to ensure understanding of the concepts taught. There is no grade for homework (or anything really) but it is a key part to taking a student's learning to the next level of proficiency.
  • What if I fall behind in the course?
    Students are always welcome to book some 1:1 private lesson tutoring sessions to get back on track, or retake a course.
  • What if I can’t commit to a course but want to learn?
    Community events and conversation groups are a great way to learn and practice Spanish even if you do not have time to commit to a full course. Anyone is welcome to register for these events! Similarly, if you have to take a break from the course schedule, but want to continue learning Spanish, or if you want to continue to practice your Spanish skills with others after you have finished your program, these are perfect opportunities for you!
  • Are courses in-person or virtual only?
    As of now, courses are only offered virtually. If you are interested in in-person classes, let us know and we will begin once we have enough interested students.
  • How can I get started?
    Register for a class today! Or, try out a free conversation/vocab night and then decide. Don’t want to do it alone? Ask a friend/roommate/partner to join you as an accountability partner and study buddy.
  • Who can request private lessons?
    Anyone (enrolled with Diglos or not) can request private tutoring or lessons. Availability is determined by teachers’ open schedules.
  • Can I sign up for just one lesson or is it multiple?
    Contact us to set up a plan that is right for you. We have a schedule for quick calls available on the Private Lessons page. Some students find weekly 1:1 sessions helpful and schedule them for the length of the course, others just need a tutoring lesson to review a difficult concept or get back on track.
  • How do students get paired with a teacher?
    Students can always request a teacher they would like to work with, however scheduling is based on teacher availability.
  • When can I schedule my lessons for?
    If a specific teacher is requested for private lessons, availability is based on that instructor's schedule. Diglos will work with you to find a private lesson schedule that best fits your needs. Schedule a quick call on the Private Lessons page or email us directly.
  • Are there payment plans for lessons?
    Payments for lessons are per session. Can be paid in advance if purchasing multiple sessions upfront.
  • Are lessons in-person or virtual only?
    Private Lessons are always virtual-only.
  • How can I get started?
    Visit the Private Lessons page to schedule a quick, complimentary consultation call to determine your tutoring needs. If our availability on that page doesn't work for you, please email We would be happy to help!
  • What’s included with a community event?
    Any activity items for the event and food and drink that is noted as provided on the registration. Vocabulary and key phrase handouts pertaining to the event will also be provided.
  • What are my payment options for community events?
    Payment for community events are collected at the time of registration.
  • Are community events children-friendly?
    This depends on the event. Age appropriateness will be noted in event description. *Children must register and pay as well as be accompanied by an adult when attending.
  • Are community events in-person or virtual only?
    In-person! This is a great time to socialize, network, make friends, practice using Spanish with classmates and native Spanish speakers for our local Cleveland-based students.
  • How can I get started?
    Register for an event posted on our website’s Community Events page. Follow along on emails and social media for new events posted.
  • Who does Diglos consult for?
    Diglos is happy to consult with any school or company looking to start or improve their Spanish program(s).
  • What’s included in School Consulting?
    Each consulting experience is unique. Schools/districts all face specific challenges when implementing their world language programs. Diglos may provide consulting that results in curriculum planning, teacher training, program restructuring, or a combination of services.
  • How can Diglos help our school?
    Diglos can help your school/district be confident that the language program in place is adequately designed, is competitive and provides your students with the tools for success. Diglos is able to help your school or organization take your world language program to the next level by offering practical solutions and hands-on guidance.
  • Are curriculum plans custom?
    Yes, we work with schools/districts to address their specific needs. We create the plan based on all the factors that are necessary for a school/district to have a successful world language program.
  • Does Diglos coach teachers (individually or as a group)?
    Yes, depending on school/ teacher needs, we can provide a variety of coaching sessions. We also provide professional development services.
  • How can our organization get started with consulting?
    Visit our website's School Consulting page to request a consultation with Diglos Learning. Email us for more information if needed.
  • What are Diglos summer camps?
    Diglos summer camps are immersive summer learning experiences for students entering Kindergarten through 4th grade. Each camp week will have a theme that students will explore all within the context of Spanish. Explore Our Summer Camps program for more information.
  • What’s included in summer camp?
    Students will receive handouts of vocabulary and key phrases for each week they are enrolled in camp. Students will complete projects and art work that will all be sent home with campers.
  • When is summer camp season?
    Summer camps are scheduled with specific community partners in the months of June, July and August.
  • How many days and times are summer camp?
    Summer camps are scheduled for three school districts in our local community. Each school will be schedule for about one week per summer month. Our weeks are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM with 30 minutes pick-up times (only) before and after camp days.
  • How should I prepare my student for summer camp?
    Let them know what the themes of this Spanish Language learning camp is! Encourage your student to come with an open mind and best behavior to have fun and learn! Dress him/her for play. Please do not allow your student to come to camp if he/she isn't feeling well. He/she will be sent home if so.
  • What should we bring for summer camp?
    Students should bring a packed lunch each day to camp. An art smock or old t-shirt for art projects in Week/Month One is also recommended.
  • What are my payment options for summer camp?
    Payment is due at registration. Contact Diglos Learning if other accommodations are needed.
  • Is summer camp in-person or virtual?
    Summer camp is in-person!
  • How can I get my student enrolled in Summer Camp with Diglos?
    Visit our website and see Summer Camps. Explore if your community's school district is enrolled in our partner schedule. If so, see the camp schedule and enroll. We can't wait to meet your student! If your student is interested in our summer camp, but isn't in our community, please contact us to be put on the summer camp waitlist. We'll give you enough notice before summer to get signed up!
  • What is Diglos?
    Diglos is a solution to the Spanish language learning needs of today. Diglos is an educational company committed to promoting the Spanish bilingualism and biliteracy. Diglos is ever evolving to meet the needs of students and schools when it comes to language learning. We identify Spanish Language teaching needs, for adults and children, and create a dynamic, researched based curriculum plans. Diglos is committed to provide excellent Spanish Language education for adults and children.
  • Who started Diglos?
    Miguel and Lisa Aular. Meet them here on our website.
  • Can a student get a certification of bi-literatcy through the courses?
    Yes! The professional learners classes are designed to get students to the appropriate level to take a certification exam. Please see the learning paths page for more information.
  • How can Diglos educate children?
    We provide tutoring services for students taking Spanish in school. We also host immersive Spanish summer camps for students grades K-4. No prior Spanish education required. We provide consulting to schools in need of improving their Spanish (or World Language) programs.
  • How can Diglos educate adults?
    Adults can work towards a certification exam which will give them a certification that proves biliteracy. This can be used to advance a career, or for any other personal goals. Alternatively to earning a certificate, adults can learn some basic communication skills in the casual learning classes in order to travel, speak with individuals in their lives and have a strong base in the Spanish language.
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