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Unique Virtual Spanish Classroom Experience

Learn Spanish Online with Courses Tailored to You

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We believe in building the confidence of our students so they can take their Spanish skills wherever they are: at school or work, out meeting new people, or discovering new places. Through online Spanish courses and community engagement, our students are empowered and able to make real-world connections as bilingual citizens. The power of communication can expand one's world, and Diglos in shaping our Spanish language learning opportunities to the needs of you, today's student! 

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There are estimated to be 500 million Spanish speakers around the world. Through our unique online classes, we hope to share the Spanish language with both adults and children. 

Diglos offers Spanish Classes for both casual and professional learners. Diglos, also, offers in-person community events and summer camps where adults and children can engage with each other using their language skills. Lastly, Diglos partners with schools, churches, community centers, libraries, businesses and other organizations to help develop their Spanish Language learning curriculum.

Diglos believes in providing an innovative classroom experience that embraces our students' goals and helps them achieve language competency in real-world conversations and situations.

Why Choose Diglos to Learn Spanish?

Classes to Fit Your Schedule

Diglos offers both weekly 90-minute classes and bi-weekly two 90-minute class schedules during each semester. Sign up for the class that best fits your learning needs.

Fit for All Levels & Experiences

Our learning path fit both casual and professional Spanish students. Determine your learning goals and take the Placement Exam. Diglos will place you in the right class.  

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Our students can join class from virtually anywhere at their comfort level. Diglos offers classes online both in small groups. Or, learn more about one-on-one private lessons. 

Smaller, Personalized Classes

Diglos believes a student can learn more by interacting and engaging in a small class. Our class sizes are limited to ensure each student has enough time with their teacher and peers. 

Explore Diglos Spanish Classes

We offer a variety of virtual Spanish language learning opportunities. Our classes are online weekly or bi-weekly for both casual and professional learners. By determining your learning goals and current Spanish knowledge, we can best shape your learning journey. We also offer in-person adult and kid's educational programs through our community events and summer camps. 

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Diglos Learning Opportunities

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Spanish Biliteracy Certification

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Spanish-Speaking Community Events

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Spanish Summer Camps for Kids

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Understand Your Spanish Level

Wondering which class level is right for you? Take the Diglos placement exam!

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Diglos Student Paths

Casual Spanish Learner

A Casual Spanish Learner is interested in learning Spanish to develop basic communication skills. This includes anyone who wants to learn Spanish for traveling, communicating with friends or family, or developing basic language knowledge. Casual Spanish learning classes cover the basics of human interactions, cuisine, culture, objects, and more. 

Professional Spanish Learner

A Professional Spanish Learner is interested in learning Spanish to become bi-lingual or bi-literate in Spanish. A Professional Spanish Learner includes anyone interested in achieving their biliteracy certification. Professional Spanish Learning Classes go in-depth into the spoken and written language to prepare students for the biliteracy certification.

Prepare to Earn an ACTFL Certificate

Diglos offers Spanish courses at 6 and 12 levels based on the recommendations of the ACTFL Certificate for Biliteracy Framework for Spanish Languages. These certificates are recognized around the world. 
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Diglos believes in preparing students for successful Spanish communication in today's diverse society.
Learn more about Diglos and our innovative Spanish language learning experiences.
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