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Learn More About The Diglos Team

The Diglos Learning Team

Our mission to provide an excellent, virtual Spanish Language learning experience wouldn't be possible without the dedication of the educators at Diglos. Diglos instructors are both native Spanish speakers and experienced educators who want to help you reach your specific language goals. Please let us know how we can help you get started learning or improving your Spanish!

Meet the Diglos Team


Miguel Aular

Founder,  Program Manager & Educator

Miguel Aular is a native of Venezuela and has dedicated his career to teaching Spanish as a second language around the world. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in teaching from the Universidad de Carabobo, and his Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics from Universidad Europea del Atlantico. It was always his goal to develop Spanish language learning opportunities. Life took an unexpected and wonderful turn when he met his wife Lisa. He followed his heart to the United States to build a life with his lovely wife of almost a decade. Together, they founded Diglos with a mission to make excellent Spanish Language education possible for all ages and through the power of bilingualism, help better the quality of their students' lives. 


Lisa Aular

Founder,  Program Administrator

Lisa Aular began her career studying psychology and earning her Bachelor's degree from Ohio Statue University. Lisa obtained her Master's Degree in School Counseling from the University of Toledo. Throughout her career, Lisa has always been driven to help others reach their goals through teaching.  As an adult and children's counselor, Lisa understands the importance of immersion education in a multicultural society. Through Diglos, she hopes to fulfill the creative need for multi-language education and help people engage with their goals to learn. 

Diglos Instructors

Diglos Instructors are well-educated, Spanish-speaking native teachers. Our instructors deliver a unique learning experience, helping students better communicate and build connections. Our goal is to increase our students' bilingualism and biliteracy communication confidence. Through our Spanish Language education, we hope to create new life opportunities for our students through their newfound skills. Instructors can be accessed in class, through private lessons and by email. 

Join the Diglos Learning Team

If you are an instructor who is passionate about Spanish Language education, visit the careers page to submit your resume to be considered for the Diglos Learning Team. 
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