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School Consulting

Innovative and Dynamic Language Curriculums for All Student Levels

Language learning and acquisition is quickly becoming a necessary part of every student’s educational journey. Diglos is here to help schools and other education-based organizations determine their specific Spanish teaching needs and create a dynamic, researched-based curriculum plan.  We help schools, churches, clubs, and other educational institutions offer comprehensive language instruction that is engaging and interactive to their students at any level.

How We Help Organizations Educate Their Spanish Language Students

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Included in Diglos School Consulting:
  • Customized plan to offer language educational solutions

  • Consultation for educational plan development
  • Meeting to review proposed educational plan 

  • Implement Plan 

    • Coach and advise teachers, if needed

    • Address Curriculum Issues 

    • Follow-up consultations, if needed

To get started, please complete the quick form below and we'll reach out to you!

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